Food / Cosmetics

The food industry is vulnerable because traditional testing requires long enrichment and incubation phases to grow the number of bacteria in the sample in order to detect the bacteria cells by culture methods, or to be able to replicate the DNA for PCR tests. This vulnerability is seen by the almost daily postings of recalls found on the FDA recall listings.

However, because EnZtek uses a forensic approach, the presence of bacteria is quickly found by the evidence of the bacteria enzyme detected by the EnZtek tests.

By using a handheld fluorometer and fluorescent assays, bacteria detection can be obtained in less than one work shift.

EnZtek understands that many food testing guidelines may require a traditional overnight enrichment step. EnZtek addresses this by providing 2 sets of instructions for its “Product Sample” tests. One set of instructions utilizes just the short 5 hour incubation. The other set of instructions includes the traditional overnight enrichment step prior to performing the EnZtek procedures for those who must perform an overnight enrichment step.

Kits consist of 50 tests

Product Name Catalog # Fluorometer
EnZquik Fluorescent assay for E.Coli (product) EZ-1012P Low (360)
EnZquik Fluorescent assay for Enterococcus (product) EZ-1013P Low (360)
EnZquik Fluorescent assay for Fecal Coliforms (product) EZ-1014P High (490)
EnZquik Fluorescent assay for Gram Negative Aerobic Bacteria (product) EZ-1017P Low (360)
EnZquik Fluorescent assay for Salmonella (product) EZ-1032P Low (360)
EnZquik Fluorescent assay for Staphylococcus aureus (product) EZ-1033P Low (360)
EnZquik Fluorescent assay for Total Aerobic Organisms Bacteria (product) EZ-1040P Low (360)
EnZquik Fluorescent assay for Total Coliforms (product) EZ-1041P High (490)