Endoscope or other samples from flushing or washing

EnZtek Diagnostics’ systems are able to detect the presence of bacteria, including biofilm, which makes it ideal for many medical and healthcare settings such as infection control. EnZtek Diagnostics’ fluorescent system can be utilized in various niche markets such as checking for bacteria which may be present in endoscopes after cleaning.

This can be life saving in some instances, such as when CRE or the “Super Bug” is found in such devices. The EnZquik fluorescent assay can be utilized to provide Effective Microbial Surveillance of these devices, providing detection of bacteria in 10 minutes.

In addition to checking the flushings from an endoscope, other flushings such as washings from various produce can be checked for bacteria problems.

Kits consist of 50 tests

Product Name Catalog # Fluorometer
EnZquik Fluorescent assay for Gram Negative Aerobic Bacteria (endoscope or other flushing/washing) EZ-1017ES Low (360)
EnZquik Fluorescent assay for Total Aerobic Organisms Bacteria (endoscope or other flushing/washing) EZ-1040ES Low (360)