Surface Testing - Sanitation Monitoring & Infection Control

Detect Bacteria on any work surface or surface of a food in 20 minutes from sample collection!

EnZtek Tests are ideal for effective Microbial Surveillance. ATP tests are often used to check surfaces. However, ATP detects the presence of all organic matter and not just bacteria. EnZtek tests will detect only the presence of bacteria. Don’t waste time & money on ATP or Laboratory results. Pre-Screen directly for Bacteria with the EnZtek tests

Kit Information: (kit consists of 50 tests)
All kits contain swabs which are pretreated with the reactive reagents and are individually wrapped.

Product Name Catalog #
EnZquik Colorimetric for Gram Negative Aerobic Bacteria - II EZ-3301CGN-II
EnZquik Colorimetric for Total Aerobic Organism Bacteria - II EZ-3302CTO-II

Step 1 – add wetting solution to swab,
Step 2 – rub swab on surface to be tested (continue with other swabs on other areas if desired) – wait 20 minutes following last swab collected,
Step 3 – add color developer to swab and look for color result.