From the Farm to Fork … and everywhere in between, there is the potential of bacterial contamination occurring.

  • Farmers/Growers
  • Packers/Shippers
  • Grocery Stores
  • Restaurants

The food industry is vulnerable because traditional testing requires long enrichment and incubation phases to grow the number of bacteria in the sample in order to detect the bacteria cells by culture methods, or to be able to replicate the DNA for PCR tests. This vulnerability is seen by the almost daily postings of recalls found on the FDA recall listings.

However, because EnZtek uses a forensic approach, the presence of bacteria is quickly found by the evidence of the bacteria enzyme detected by the EnZtek tests. By using a handheld fluorometer and fluorescent assays, bacteria detection can be obtained in less than one work shift.

The presence of bacteria on surfaces is a problem in many areas of the food service industry.

ATP is often used to check surfaces. However, ATP detects the presence of all organic matter and not just bacteria. EnZtek tests will detect only the presence of bacteria.

The level of detection is also important.

The EnZquik Colormetric Screening Tests can detect 1,000 cfu or greater of bacteria per sample, and the EnZquik Fluorescent Assays can detect at levels less than 1,000 cfu.

Better detection level than ATP: If bacteria is present on a surface, ATP requires 100,000 cfu or more bacteria to be present in an environmental sample to be positive. In a pure culture it takes 10,000 cfu of bacteria for a positive ATP test.

EnZtek offers both

  1. EnZquik Colorimetric Screening Tests
  2. Fluorometric Tests

Tests are also available to check the flushings for bacteria problems after washing various produce

Tests for beverages/liquids are also available.